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Alice owns this whole shindig. See Projects.

On a deeper level (should anyone ever find this...): Alice is twenty-four years old, and lives in London, United Kingdom. She used to live in Wellington, New Zealand. That's where the accent comes from, innit. She maintains a blog (which is frequently updated) and finds herself connected and keeping up with more social networking sites than should be humanly allowed. She has a degree in Film and Media Studies but currently masquerades as a software tester. She is/was involved in two RPGs, has written eight Novels, and has a half finished Script.

She's especially fond of the name David, for a multitude of reasons. She also likes the names Juliette and Astrid. Almost all of these characters with the same names have now shown up in novels she's written, but originality be damned! That said, if you have any problems of confusion, check out the Disambiguations page.

One day, she intends to edit and finish one of her many novels, and maybe try and publish one or two, if only to be able to answer the question "are any of them published?" with "yes!" instead of "no, I just write for fun."

She also enjoys talking about herself in the third person, eating copious amounts of cheese, traveling to places she's never been, and seeing more live music than should be humanly allowed.